Tips for Open Houses in the Winter

Selling a home in the winter may feel like an impossible task. However, it is actually a great time to list your home. With fewer homes on the market, there is less competition. But you also want to go the extra mile to ensure the best chance of landing a good offer. So, don’t skip the all-important step of holding an open house just because there is snow on the ground.

However, there are some additional considerations to keep in mind during the coldest time of year. Below we have gathered a few tips for open houses in the winter that are sure to help yours succeed!

Clear a Path

If it recently snowed, or there is snow in the forecast for your open house date, pay extra attention to your sidewalk and entryway. The last thing you want is for someone to slip on the ice. Take the time to shovel and even throw down some sand. It won’t go unnoticed.

Offer Shoe Covers

Winter weather can get a little…wet. Create a space on the porch or inside the door for visitors to don shoe covers. Everyone feels a little silly wearing them. But it will save your floors and impress your potential buyers. 

Crank up the Heat

No, we’re not talking about “surface of the sun” temps. However, you want prospective buyers to feel comfortable while they tour the house. It will be easier for them to feel at home if they aren’t distracted with thoughts of staying warm. 

Offer a Hot Beverage

We all love gathering around for a hot drink. And it usually doesn’t matter if that is hot cocoa, cider, or coffee. There is something cozy about sipping a toasty beverage on a cold day. Plus, it helps possible buyers linger a little longer and envision the space as their own. 

If you are ready to sell your home, even in the winter, don’t hesitate. Contact Dennis Schick today.