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How to Prepare for an Open House

When it is time to sell your home, your goal is to generate as much interest in it as possible. That way, you stand the best chance of getting a solid offer (or offers)! Hosting an open house is one of the best ways to showcase your home. But getting ready for one can...

Tips for Open Houses in the Winter

Tips for Open Houses in the Winter Selling a home in the winter may feel like an impossible task. However, it is actually a great time to list your home. With fewer homes on the market, there is less competition. But you also want to go the extra mile to ensure the...

Pros and Cons of Selling your House in the Winter

Pros and Cons of Selling your House in the Winter Summer is the hot time to sell homes. Drive down any suburban street and you will see sale sign after sale sign. And while it is the prime selling time, it is not the only time of year you can successfully sell a home....

Is it Ever Smart to Open a Credit Card?

Everywhere you turn, advertisements encourage you to open up a credit card—or multiple credit cards. Print and TV ads all seem to suggest your life will be better with one. And you receive mailings assuring you that you are pre-qualified for the next, greatest card...

Debt can be Scary: How to Teach Your Teens About Debt

We only want the best for our children. And we want to send them out into the world fully equipped to face whatever life throws at them. However, sometimes what they need to learn may feel overwhelming and daunting to address. Debt is one of those scary topics. But...

How to Win in a Multiple Offer Situation

Landing your dream home in a hot real estate market can feel daunting. Often, sellers will land multiple offers within hours of listing their home on MLS. Losing out on a home in a multiple offer situation is frustrating, but not necessarily avoidable. However, there...

How Do Student Loans Affect Your Credit Score?

Can Student Loans Affect Your Credit Score? Student loans are debts owed to a lender. So they will help your credit score, provided you pay on time. Your on-time payments will be reported to the three major credit bureaus and will boost your credit score. So as long...

Remodel Cost vs. Recoup Costs for a Home

Learn more about Remodel Cost vs. Recoup Costs for a Home Remodeling a home offers the opportunity for homeowners to make the space their very own. Both smaller projects and full overhauls provide an outlet for personalities to shine through. Remodel projects not only...

Best Practices for Paying Credit Card Debt

Learn more about the best practices for paying credit card debt Facing credit card debt can feel overwhelming‌. If you are like most Americans, you hold at least some balance on your credit card. Too much debt and high-interest rates makes it difficult to get caught...

The Pros & Cons of Buying VS Renting a Home

Learn more about the pros and cons of buying vs. renting  We often hear that renting is to be avoided and buying a home is preferable. After all, it is the American dream. While this may be true in many instances, is it always the case? Not necessarily. Below we take...

Animal Friends Alliance Recap

Sponsored cat adoption weekend finds loving homes and supports pets in need FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Sept. 14, 2020 – Animal Friends Alliance found homes for 67 felines during itsfee-waived cat adoption special. The event was sponsored by Fort Collins businessman, Dennis...

Animal Friends Alliance 2020

Dennis Schick is pleased to support adoption week with the Animal Friends Alliance Now is the perfect time to bring home a feline friend from Animal Friends Alliance! Thanks to generous support from Dennis Schick of RE/MAX Alliance, all adoptions fees* for cats and...

Dennis Schick to be Partner at REMAX Alliance

From the Desk of Hazel Reed, Managing Broker of REMAX Alliance: Happy New Year! It seems that we are all getting back into the groove; and it feels good…at least I’m hearing that from many of you! It sure appears that we are very well positioned to have another...

Colorado Gives Day – What it means to me.

  "The more we give, the stronger we are as a community. This organization is so worth it!!!" RE/MAX Alliance realtor Dennis Schick knows what it means for everyone to have a home for the holidays. Here Dennis explains why he supports Disabled Resource Services...


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