The countless Instagram photos of pristine houses, new construction, and fresh renovations can be inspiring, but they are also often disheartening. After all, maybe your home is a little older, and you haven’t had a chance to do some touch-ups. So you start dreaming of owning a brand new home where everything is up-to-date and beautiful. But you don’t necessarily need to take on that expense. There are ways to fall in love with your home again. All you need are some tips for redecorating…which you will find below!

Switch up the Paint

Find a light, airy paint color for a complete overhaul of the walls. If you want to add something with a little extra oomph, take a sponge and some extra paint, and create a handmade “wallpaper” on one wall.

Bring in a Professional Organizer 

Sometimes it is hard to see the mess right in front of our faces. Bringing in some outside help will ensure you do declutter during that spring cleaning rush.

Add More Light

As surprising as it sounds, creating a bigger-feeling space with the proper lighting is possible, and will make a world of difference. Make sure you have something more than the bright overhead lights that are standard in most rooms. Add other lighting options, such as soft ambient lights and decorative lights to create a dynamic aesthetic that will always fit your mood.

Add a Mirror

Create the illusion of more space when you hang mirrors. Take care to avoid placing them across from a window. 

Rearrange Your Furniture

Arrange your furniture where people can easily face each other for conversation. It will create a more open and inviting space.

Touch Up Your Fixtures

There are two options here. For budget-friendly redecorating, run to the store to snag a refinishing kit. This DIY option is quick, simple, and easy on the wallet. But if you have some extra cash to spare, replace your fixtures with updated ones—you’ll be surprised at the difference!

If you want more details on redecorating or home renovations—or, if you’re ready to just give up and sell your house to get a modern-looking one—call the office of Dennis Schick today. We can help with all kinds of advice and situations that have to do with your home.