Pros and Cons of Selling your House in the Winter

Summer is the hot time to sell homes. Drive down any suburban street and you will see sale sign after sale sign. And while it is the prime selling time, it is not the only time of year you can successfully sell a home. Believe it or not, it is possible to list your home during the winter and snag a good sale. Below we cover some of the pros and cons of selling your house in the winter. Keep reading to decide if it is the right decision for your unique situation.


Attention Of Your Real Estate Agent
Summer is a busy season for real estate agents. And while they will do their best to give each client undivided attention, it’s simply impossible to give you all the attention you deserve. That, however, changes in the winter.

Showcase Your Energy-Efficient Updates
What better time to show off your energy-efficient heating system than during the coldest months of the year?

Less Competition
With fewer houses on the market, you stand a better chance of finding the buyer of your dreams.


Showings Become More Difficult
If you live in a colder environment, scheduling showings becomes much more difficult. Snowstorms may interrupt showing schedules, or it may simply be too cold to leave the house without somewhere warm to go.

Curb Appeal is More Difficult
Icy sidewalks and dead landscaping are not the most appealing way to show what your home has to offer.

Added Obligations
Wintertime is busy for everyone. But it is especially difficult for those with kids. Finding time to squeeze in showings between practices and homework can prove daunting.

Contact your local real estate agent to get started selling your house this winter!