We only want the best for our children. And we want to send them out into the world fully equipped to face whatever life throws at them. However, sometimes what they need to learn may feel overwhelming and daunting to address. Debt is one of those scary topics. But rest assured, teaching your teens about debt is easier than you think. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Don’t avoid the conversation

Sometimes, getting your teen’s attention long enough to have a serious chat can be difficult. That makes it easy to push off lengthier conversations until the time is right—which never seems to come. Schedule a time on your calendar to go for a walk or grab a coffee and bite the bullet.

Start Early

Make financial matters, including debt, a part of the conversation early on. The younger you teach your kids about debt, the easier it will be for them to understand tougher financial ideas later.

Build Regular Habits

Some teens get bored with long, drawn-out talks. Especially if those involve more serious matters. Consider incorporating lessons about credit cards, student loans, and debt in general in daily conversations.

Make it Relatable

Wrapping their heads around the idea of debt can be challenging for younger teens. So speak on their level. A good example is: if they borrow money from a sibling or friend, they have to pay that back as soon as possible. Explain how this is similar to borrowing money from a lender.


As your teen starts to grasp the basics about debt, add some extra information into the mix. Introduce them to interest rates, the (potential) dangers of credit cards, and other loan options (such as car loans).

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